Misguided Royal Guard of Brinth


Human Guard of High Brinth


Harrison is a faithful guard of Brinth. While on leave in Westhaven he recognizes Zoe. Deciding it was his duty to rescue her, he kidnaps Zoe against her will.

Later is found locked up in {trade town} along with Zoe. Harrison killed a mercenary in a scuffle while protecting Zoe, but was accused by the mercenary group of murder.

When the adventuring group (now known as Grey Skies) completes the “Trials of the Four Tribes”, Zoe is released from custody. However, Grey and Thierry decide it best to keep Harrison locked up to be ransomed back to Brinth. This was for his own protection, as Grimaxx wanted to kill him for crossing the group, as well as to keep him from impeding their progress towards the Spires.

He is an honorable man whose mission just opposed that of the adventurers. He enjoys discussion and Shepherd’s pie.


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