Greedy Ambitious Gnome Bard


Piccolo is 165 years old, standing at 4ft and 40 pounds. He is a man is full of ambitions and occasionally works for the greater good. He loves the to grow and cure tobacco, smoking whenever a situation is too stressful. He has a very neurotic personality that either sways the people or turn them against him.
His love of influence usually gets him into trouble

Piccolo created the group Infinity Storm that resides in Bastion and was the first Stormlord.

Notable Events:
  • Due to bad public perception, Picollo was replaced as Stormload with his comrade Adios Aerofeld.
  • While is still a member of Infinity Storm, Piccolo now is much less involved. He runs a small liqueur and tobacco shop while helping handle Infinity Storm’s business interests and their seedier contacts.


Piccolo doesn’t remember his past too much. As a far as his memory serves he was found by the headmaster at a bard college. At the time he was human but died as soon he stumbled in. Headmaster Folto Silibi decided to use a reincarnation scroll on him. This altered his form to gnome but it is unclear why his memory has been taken from him.

From there he decided to learn the ways of the bard. Crafting his linguistic skills and spells he finally became a powerful force. He met a Bard named Avanna who taught him the ways of the street. When Piccolo became competent Avanna felt her troubled history would be a strain on Piccolo and started on her journey leaving him behind.
From there Piccolo decided to travel putting together the knowledge of an adventurer and making a fortune.


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